Flashback : Automaton Transfusion Interview


Time for a horror flashback. Horror Flashbacks is a new feature where we go back in time to past super cool news that we think is worth revisiting. You all ready for it? Prepped and ready to roar? Todays horror flashback to Goon's interview with the director of Automaton Transfusion which he did almost a year ago in February. Wait no further, read his interview Automaton Transfusion Interview

Based in a small town, near by a major city becomes overrun by zombies. Three local teens find themselves caught in the middle of a major war, between the humans and the dead. Deciding to fight back. They venture on a fast paced. Punch you in the throat. Non-stop ride. This film will eat you alive and blood will run. Here are 3 review links ( one is pretty obviously biased )

Dark Newbie's Automaton Transfusion Review

Automaton Transfusion is going to be this years Hottest film. With a brilliant Director, an amazing cast and talented crew. The movie will fulfill your taste for gore and blood, but also entertain you...

Rita Manyette's Automaton Transfusion Review

My name is Rita Manyette and I am the Casting Director on this project and I play "Mom Zombie" (The part came first and then they asked me to do the casting).  I have worked with Steven Miller in his...

DEADWALKEARTH's Automaton Transfusion Review

This indy style zombie film looks to be an instant classic. Ive had the chance to view a ROUGH CUT of the film and EVEN the rough cut blew my mind. For the budget and the time they made this film in, ...

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