Day of the Dead Contagium: 10 Minute Preview Fallout

We reported a few days earlier about Day of the Dead Contagium and how the word was that it really stunk. This was reported by Bloody Disgusting, and it has rifled some feathers it would seem. Since so few people have seen this movies 10 minute teaser we are forced to take the word of one person that the movie "stinks horribly" I have some responses that were emailed to me from the staff at Day of the Dead Contagium, but lets start with what was said.

"We entered the Hall Theatre to see "Monster Man", but first, a treat: a ten-minute promo reel for the upcoming "Day of the Dead: Contagium". Well, it was promised to be a treat. It was more akin to root canal work. This thing was an absolute joke! Honestly, it makes "Children of the Living Dead" look like "Breathless"! Zombies looking at the camera half-smiling, ludicrous dialogue, rubber guns that were obviously bought at the dollar store, you name it. The "Freak Out" guys and I were giggling all the way through. It was cheap, it was pathetic, it was an absolute travesty. End of story. The dumbasses responsible for this vile and putrid piece of crap should burn the negative and find another arena to exploit their limited talents. I hear McDonald's is hiring...

After no applause whatsoever (Hell! Even "Thundercrack!" got a round of applause!),"

I then took this to Day of the Dead Contagium to get a reaction to the horrible press the 10 minute teaser got. The Director said the following.

"Just spoke to Mitch Davis, Fantasia organizer. He tells the promo was received well, with plenty of applause and laughter for all the right reasons (one-liners, actor's reactions, etc). Fantasia is pleased with the results, and hopes we'll exhibit with them the finished film next year. "

Ana's response to this commentary from Marceau:

"that opinion is in the very minority, the ones who already have made up their mind that they're not going to like this movie - if the festival itself wants the piece to premiere it that's no joking matter, the promo made an excellent impression with everybody else. BTW, all the guns in the movie were the real thing, goes to show the level of understanding of what some people see on screen..."

I think the only way that Day of the Dead Contagium can overcome the really bad press is to get the 10 minute teaser out to more sites and more eyes can review it. This morning the following was posted on our site by the Webmaster of the official site

I'm waiting on a copy of the preview I'm not sure if its going to be sent to me by mail on disk or emailed through my server to me, but I did Give your admin those quotes and the folks at Fantasia did ask to premier the finished film, thats no small feat for a film, it had to be recieved well for that kind of request.

I will alert the boards here or Michael of the preview the moment I get it so all you Zombie fans can check and judge for yourselves.

I've been waiting since friday to make some form of announcement but as usual Bloody-disgusting jumped the gun and released the first thing they got instead of waiting for a number of reviews to get both sides....
Personally I think the writer of the review did in fact have a predetermined bias towards the film.

That last bit was posted here, I look forward to seeing the 10 minute teaser when it is sent to me and will let you all know my honest feelings.

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