Real Horror: Nightmare on Elm Street Screening


I'm sure all of you heard about the screening of Nightmare on Elm Street that went on September 20th and 21st. Well me being a complete horror nut, you know I gotta go. So I bought my ticket on Fandango and got real pumped for the whole thing. Its not often that you get to see a genre classic on the big screen. Well I got all my stuff together and last night I headed out for a night that I won't soon forget.

I got to the theatre, bought my popcorn, and went into the theatre for what I thought would be a terrific night at the movies. The movie starts up and everyone is intently watching the movie and laughing at some of the dated remarks that young Johnny Depp and Heather Langenkamp spout. Then, BAM! The movie is out just like that. It just stops. Soon the manager comes in and says that they are having "technical difficulties" and will have to move us into another theatre! WTF!

So I get up and as we are heading to the next theatre the manager is repeating himself over and over "I'm sorry, I'm sorry".. But I notice they are also handing out free movie tickets for our "inconveinece". Well I guess thats a score. I get to see another movie for free and I saw Nightmare On Elm Street too. Boy was I in for a ride, the horror had not even began.

As we file into the next theatre (which I might add is about 3X smaller) they are having problems once again, the movie starts up with no sound. So I sit there for awhile and we begin to make our own sound for the film. Sort of a MST3000 event. At first it was kind of fun, but than it dawned on me that this may be the only shot I ever get to see Nightmare on the big screen. I think that began to sink in with several others movie goers as well. Than BAM the sound is back on.. but something isn't right. Then we hear some gunshots and all sorts of madness followed by a musical break out performance.. Oh no. At that moment I realised what they did. As I was walking in the theatre I noticed we were going to be in the theatre where Idewild was screening. They had started up the sound for the wrong movie!

With nothing else to do but sit there helplessly listening to Andre 3000 sing to Nightmare on Elm Street, I began to wonder if I would ever get to see the movie. I sat there for about 45 minutes with NOES on the screen and our friends Outkast providing the score. Then the screen went black and finally the manager came up front and said they had worked out all the kinks and that everything would be running smoothily. He swiftly made his exit and the lights dimmed for the last time.

The screen comes back up and the very old New Line Cinema logo appears with the Space Invaders music in the background. Yep, they had restarted the entire movie from the beginning. Well, in a way, I got my wish. I got to see A Nightmare on Elm Street on the big screen, but of course not without a bunch of pain in the ass interruptions and fuck ups. that all said you can enter to Win 1 of 5 Copies of A Nightmare on Elm Street Special Edition DVD with no fuckups, guaranteed!

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