A Ton of Big Bad Wolf Images!


We have been following Big Bad Wolf for quite some time now and a TON of great images have just surfaced for the film. Apparently a photographer by the name of Christel Golden was on set for most of the filming of the movie. He took some great shots while he was there as well both during filming and behind the scenes.

The story for BIG BAD WOLF goes like this: When college freshman Derek Cowley is bullied by his classmates to take them to his stepfather’s cabin to party, it leads to tragedy when they are attacked by a strange creature.

A cross between Hannibal Lecter and the Wolf Man, the Beast sadistically hunts down Derek’s classmates and kills them. Back home, Derek begins to suspect his abusive alcoholic stepfather, Mitchell Toblat, is the werewolf. With help from his female friend Sam, a brash motorcycle-riding tomboy, he begins to investigate—leading to an increasingly deadly game of cat-and-mouse with Toblat, who is willing to kill to keep his secret.

Ultimately, Derek and Sam get conclusive proof that Toblat is the Beast, and that he is also responsible for the death of Derek’s father. Unable to kill Toblat when he has the chance, Derek is given no choice when Toblat kidnaps Sam and takes her back to the cabin, leading to a night of unimaginable horror where Derek must find the courage to face the unleashed Beast to save the woman he loves.

Give the image below a click and it will take you to an entire gallery of photos.

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