House of Re-Animator Update


Not to long ago the news broke that House of Re-Animator was on the move. Well since than it looks like everything had returned to a snails pace once again. Luckily the guys over at Dread Central got in touch with the Producer Brian Yuzna and he gave them a nice update on what is going on with the project.

"We are working on getting the script to House of Re-Animator. Halcyon is organizing the financing and presales."

He goes on to state that while we’ve only been hearing about the idea of Herbert West in the White House for a few years now, it’s actually much older than that; "The idea for West in the White House began as the concept for the first sequel, Bride of Re-Animator." he explained. "It took place during the Reagan years and picked up directly where the first movie left off and include a re-animated Meg. In the past few years Stuart Gordon has gotten very enthusiastic about the House idea and he and Dennis Paoli came up with a completely different version, which is funny and outrageous as well as being pretty gory."

Apparently there is also talks of having Herbert West's side kick Dan Cain come back for the film. There is also word that the Re-Animator will have another comic adaptation to help fill in the gaps between the films. You can read all about that over at Dread Central.

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