Casting News for Mother of Tears


Not much has really been revealed about the final film in Dario Argento's Three Mothers Triology. We already know that sexy Asia Argento has been cast and will appear in the film. Well today we just got word that another genre favorite has joined the cast of Mother of Tears.

That favorite would be Udo Kier who also appeared in the first film from the triology, Suspiria. The news comes straight from Udo Kiers Ofiicial Website via Dark Dreams. This begs the question if Udo Kier will be playing the same role he did in the original film. Of course its a possibility but we will have to see.

As far as the story goes with this film we don't know much but this is everything we have been able to gather: "The story is full of marvellous moments (the Mother of Tears bleeds jewels that scorch the skin), outrageous gore (one character becomes a demonic buffet while still alive, someone gets chopped pieces, assorted deaths by medieval torture instruments) and terrific special effects (the Mother licking the tears off crying faces with a giant tongue, Sarah’s guardian angel appearing in powder blown from a compact)."

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