Backwoods Indie Horror Flick


Robert Elkins dropped me a line to tell me about his new indie horror Flick Backwoods and asked if we would tell you guys about it. Being the nice guys we are we said sure... In BackWoods, a group of friends visit a remote cemetery in the backwoods of Virginia. After paying respects to her father’s grave, Carrie and her friends get lost on the return trip. They stop at a creepy old mansion in hopes of finding directions, only to discover that the house seems empty and abandoned. "Seems" being the key word.

The group explores the grounds and the surrounding woods. While they play around and sort through some personal issues…they find that they are not alone. SOMEONE doesn’t want them there. SOMEONE from the woods IS HUNTING THEM. SOMEONE from the woods IS KILLING THEM OFF ONE BY ONE.

The masked killer, known only as "CALEB", chops, hacks, and slices his way through the terrified, stranded trespassers with every farm implement he can find. Blood flows and body parts fly. The few survivors flee deeper into the woods, chased every step of the way by the killer. As the sun goes down and the bodies pile up, the only hope for survival seems to come from the town sheriff, AKA the town drunk, but even he has his own dark secrets about the killer, the murders, and the BACKWOODS.

BACKWOODS is a recently completed feature movie created by independent director Robert Elkins. The production was shot entirely in historic Petersburg, VA over the last year. The movie contains a fast paced story line and over the top graphic make-up effects.

The movie pays homage to the classic slasher movies of the 70’s 80’s… like HALLOWEEN, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and the FRIDAY THE 13TH series. BACKWOODS introduces a pitchfork wielding, teddy bear carrying, masked killer, known as CALEB. The cast is made up primarily of Virginia actors… ranging from newcomers to seasoned veterans, to include Carie Keller as Carrie and Jerry E. Long as the sheriff. The movie also includes Mike Cosgrove, Beth Harper, Caitlin Rahsman, Joey Rogers, Jesica Spinney, George E. Archer jr., and James Mahoney.

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