Horror Podcast Episode 1


We recorded our very first podcast this weekend. It was a fun experience all be it a learning one. We learned really quickly what works, and what doesnt work and hope that you will enjoy episode one. We also would invite you to give this podcast to your horror friends and to leave us some feedback on the boards, right here. We basically want to know is this something you would like us to continue doing once a week. The podcast will focus on a variety of topics and also include guest interviews with celebrities if we do continue it. This issue is 1hour long and contains:

Upcoming Theatrical Releases

  • SAW 3, the Red Cross Controversy
  • Thoughts on the no SAW 3 screenings for press
  • A commentary on the new Texas Chainsaw The Beginning & The Franchise

Upcoming DVD releases, thoughts and commentary.

  • Old Boy Special 3 Disc Box Set Addition
  • Maniac Cop on DVD
  • The Eaten Alive DVD recall and new version
  • Upcoming release of other titles this month

The not so Mainstream Coverage

  • A look at indie filmmaking, with YOUR thoughts from the boards included
  • A look at DEADLANDS the indie film.

You can download the podcast here as an MP3 file., load it on your ipod or play it on your PC.  Special thanks to Dr. Zoidberg for doing the music work for the intro.

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