Nightmare on Elm Street PREQUEL?

Dan Strohschein

Honestly, I had no idea that New Line was even thinking about doing a prequel for Nightmare on Elm Street until today, but I can't say that I am disappointed to hear about it. Apparently the project is in the eternal "maybe" status, and so the guys over at Fangoria spoke to the director that brought the whole thing up.

He says that the film is going to be about Freddy before he was torched by the neighborhood parents - back when he was just a normal human. It'll follow him as he picks up the kids and rapes and murders them, showing a bit more about the insanity that pushes him over the edge. The director, John McNaughton, says that they have yet to get a script put together and so things could change between now and when the film is actually in production. Let's hope it goes all the way.

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