Sisters Remake pictures

Dan Strohschein

Douglas Buck has been busy lately, finishing up his remake of the film 'Sisters'. It will first appear at the Sitges Festivel and casts Anna Mouglalis, Asia Argento,Chloe Sevigny, Lou Doillon, Stephen Rea,and William B. Davis.

Full Synopsis: Sevigny plays a driven investigative reporter who probes a renowned yet controversial psychiatrist (Stephen Rea). Her investigation soon discovers Rea’s disturbing relationship with one of his former patients Angelique (Doillon), while a new romance blossoms between Angelique and a medical intern. After witnessing a brutal murder, Sevigny’s investigation brings her closer to the beautiful and enigmatic Angelique. As dark and violent secrets are revealed, Sevigny’s world begins spiraling out of control and she begins to question not only who she is but what her true relationship is with Angelique.

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