Afterlife Excerpt Posted

Dan Strohschein

Yeah I know I am a shameless self-plugging bastard, but I am posting this anyway. I posted the first two chapters from my Young Adult Horror series, "Afterlife" on my blog. It hasn't been published yet, so this is a very sneak preview sort of thing. In any case, if you are curious to see what sorts of fiction I write (for kids anyway) in addition to the stuff I post here, you can find it here.

The idea behind the series? One summer a group of fourteen year old kids discovers that there is indeed life after death when they see one of their family members brutally slain. In a quest to unravel the mystery that Uncle Saul left them before he died, they find the truth about the Land of the Dead, and that they can visit it, anytime they want to, while still being alive. But the dead aren't the only ones in the world of the afterlife - something much more deadly lives in the shadows, waiting for its opportunity to return to the world of the living.

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