Dreadful Skin Preview Excerpt

Dan Strohschein

Subterranean Press has just released a preview excerpt from their upcoming collection, Dreadful Skin. The preview is a feature of "The Wreck of The Mary Byrd" by Gothic horror author Cherie Priest - one of the new upcoming horror authors of our time. The book won't be completely released until February, but you can read the preview here.


In 1870 the steamboat Mary Byrd vanished on the Tennessee River, somewhere between Chattanooga and Knoxville. She was never recovered, and her passengers and crew have long been presumed dead. No trace of the wreck has ever been found.

This is the strange and tragic story of the boat’s last night—as told by those who rode aboard her. Listen to their tales: the captain, a gambler, a former slave, and an Irish nun with a revolver under her skirt.

And listen as the villain shares his part in the tragedy.
This is his confession too.

From the jungles of India to an American riverboat, his journey was stranger than anyone could have guessed. More monster than man, he was trapped in a storm, on a boat, with a moon above that was almost full—and a deadly hunger that could not be contained.

So here lie the ghosts of the Mary Byrd. This is their last testament. Read it, and may you kindly judge the souls you meet within.

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