Jake West Talks Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes


Jake West has been on one wild ride lately. He directed his first film Razor Blade Smile which garnered him some fan fare but his real break out hit came with Evil Aliens. It played several festivals and kept picking up steam as it went. With the success of that film he was offered the oppurtunity to work on Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes.

Not much was really known about the project but recently he did an interview with EOFF TV and they got the low down on what Jake West has instore for us, "The first one is brilliant, especially the mythology set up and I wanted to make a true sequel to that. It's designed as a follow-on but 20 years later. It's got the character Bunt in it and he's all grown up now and he's involved with this dodgy town doctor played by Doug Bradley. He's being haunted by the events of the first film so there's a real continuity and it follows the mythology that was set up, how the raising of the demon works and stuff like that. I hope that I've got that right and I hope the fans will respond to it but I won't know until it goes out."

Of course we all know Sci Fi was behind funding the movie and their films are really hit or miss. But West says that was really a big break for him and allowed him to do a lot more for the film. The Sci Fi site doesn't really have much info on it but they do have that image that you can see below. Don't forget to check out the Sci Fi Channel debut on October 28th at 9pm EST.

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