Toronto After Dark Festival Lineup


Toronto After Dark is coming. The Film Festival kicks off in 10 days. If you have not already picked up tickets be sure to do so. Below are some highlights of just a few of the great films that will be playing. With that said if you live in Toronto and would like to attend the event and help do coverage for please shoot us an email ASAP and we will see if we can work something out. Here is jsut some of the films you can expect:

Special: After Parking Enforcement officer and comic book fan Les (Michael Rapaport) begins taking a new experimental drug, he gains the ability to fly, becomes telepathic, and finds himself walking through walls, with both comical and bloody consequences. Official Selection – Sundance & Edinburgh Film Festivals. Director Hal Haberman will attend and participate in a Q&A following the screening!  

Retribution: Acclaimed Japanese horror director Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Cure, Kairo, Bright Future) joins forces with uber-producer Taka Ichise (Ringu, Ju-On), with this hugely anticipated new horror thriller featuring Koji Yakusho as a detective on the trail of a mysterious serial killer. Official Selection – Venice Film Festival.
FrostBite: Bathe in the blood of Sweden’s first Vampire film! A teenage girl moves with her doctor mother, who specializes in blood research, to Sweden’s far north. Cue mysterious disappearances, vampires, teen rebellion and a whole lot of bloodletting fun. Winner – Best Film, Europe’s Fantasporto Film Festival
Funky Forest:  First Contact : With elements of science fiction, traditional Japanese stand up, animation, recurrent characters such as the Guitar Brother and the Babbling Hotspring Vixens, watching Funky Forest is a completely unpredictable and unmissable experience! Director Ishii is best known for the brilliant animated sequence in Kill Bill.
Tokyo Zombie: Japanese cult icons Tadanobu Asano and Sho Aikawa play a pair of slackers fleeing an undead apocalypse in this dryly hysterical zombie comedy. Director Sato is a frequent collaborator with cult icon Takashi Miike for whom he scripted Ichi the Killer.
Vengeance: A pursuit by law officers of a gang of dangerous criminals takes them into the heart of a cursed jungle. With giant snakes, poison lizards, flesh-eating wasps, time travel, gun play, dismemberments, shape shifting and karmic retribution – Vengeance has got it all!

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