Exclusive: City of Rott MUNCH Clip


We have been telling you about City of Rott for over a year, long before other mainstream horror magazines and outlets discovered that it is as bad ass as we say it is. City of Rott is a must buy DVD! If you like Romero and if you like XOMBIE this film is right up your alley. City of Rott is a modern city. There's a number of stores, malls, office buildings, apartments, gas stations and deli stops. There's even a park. Rott city is a big place. And Fred will explore it as far as his tired old legs can take him.

But it's not a vacant city. Not by any means. Hidden in the alleyways, await hundreds of the living dead, desperately waiting for their next meal to arrive, while they slowly rot away. The worms are taking over.. Enjoy the cool pics below and then be sure to give the brand new Exclusive City of Rott Munch Clip a Watch! Also be sure to check out the two reviews we have on site.

deadmanwalkin's City of Rott Review

City of Rott is a film made for zombie fans – plain and simple. Even though it’s animated, City of Rott is 53 minutes of gore, gore and more GORE and should make the most hard-core zombie ...

dean in CA's City of Rott Review

Ever wanted to read a comic book about zombies but never learned how to read? Well today is your lucky day because City of Rott is on DVD. This is the animated tale of Frank, an old man who wants one ...

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