Saw 3 Posters Printed with Real Blood


Lionsgate has finally gone crazy. Their head of marketing Tim Palen recently did a little brainstorming and thought it would be great if they could print up some Saw 3 posters with REAL blood. The catch is it's not just anybodys blood, it's Tobin Bells aka Jigsaw.

"We decided to do a poster and he's wearing a red cloak. I was talking to the printer and asked what we could do to get the deepest blood red. I asked if it would be possible to use actual blood. There was silence. He said, 'We could try, but are you serious?' I said I was dead serious," Palen told Variety.

The posters from the first printing -- about 1,000 in all -- will be sold for $20, minus the first print, which will be auctioned off. All proceeds from the auction and sales will go to the Red Cross. I'm not sure why they are sticking with the Red Cross after they wanted nothing to do with the Blood Drive but at least they will put it to good use.. hopefully.

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