Kristanna Loken Talks BloodRayne 2 & 3

I am seriously having a hard time not laughing my ass of at this news. Kristanna Loken has been openly discussing her upcoming roles in BloodRayne 2 & 3. The big question that comes to my mind is who gives a shit? Quote from GameDaily courtesy of our super studly buddies at FilmStalker

Boll told me that he wants to film the second BloodRayne movie in February of next year in Vancouver as a Western. He said that if all goes well, the third film would bring the story to WWII, where Rayne would battle the Nazis in Germany as she did in the original videogame.

Are you interested in coming back as Rayne?...Well, there's no BloodRayne without me, right? I'm an equestrian. I love to ride and I've always wanted to do a Western...

...Uwe is already talking about a third film set during WWII. Is this a character you'd like to return to again and again?...Absolutely. I think this is the kind of character that can keep coming back.

Seriously, does anyone really care? Do we need a BloodRayne 2 or 3? Sound off on the boards.

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