Van Helsing Review by Andrew Manning

Commentary by Andrew Manning

Fresh off her performance as leather-clad vampiric vixen Selene in Underworld, Kate Beckinsale switches sides to play corset-bound vampire vanquisher Anna in Van Helsing.

Although they were easy to come by in the early days of cinema, flicks that feature two or three classic monsters (Dracula, the Wolf Man, and Frankenstein) haven't been very common in recent times.

How cool are the vampires in this movie? It's nice to see speedy, demonic looking bloodsuckers instead of more wussified rejects who look like they strolled off the set of a Buffy episode.

Van Helsing is written and directed by Stephen Sommers, the dude behind Deep Rising and The Mummy trilogy.

I hope I'm totally wrong about this, but clips from the movie suggest that the acting might be...well, let's just say "not good."

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