Dark Castle Makes A Comeback


Variety has just announced a new deal that has went down for Joel Silver at Dark Castle. Dark Castle has raised $240 million from a half a dozen investment firms to make 15 films over the next 6 years. Warner Bros. is going to distribute all the films under the deal.

That would mean Dark Castle will be cranking out at least two films a year. The better news out of all of this though is that Joel Silver will get sole approval to greenlight the pics and be given full creative control. He will also own the films outright after the investors are paid back in full.

The three films mentioned to come out of the deal are Whiteout, The Summoner and Gangland. The Summoner seems to be the only film that will have potential in the horror genre since the others are more action geared. That film will be helmed by Jeepers Creepers director Victor Salva and penned by Matthew Sand. 

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