Special Screening Of The Deepening


Today we were notified by the fine folks at Wicked Dreams Entertainment that have  a special screening of their Slasher horror flick The Deepening coming up. On October 22nd at 11:00pm in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at the The Premiere 6 you can catch the film in its big screen glory.

The film follows a troubled New York fireman who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder after working the tragic terrorist events of 9-11.  In search of a fresh start, he relocates to a small fire department in a quiet rural town where he seeks treatment from Doctor Chambers (Gunnar Hansen) for his recurring nightmares.  The bad dreams, however, do not subside.  Instead, they turn into a terrifying reality as the population of the town begins to sharply decrease.

Definetly sounds like an original piece idea as twisted as it sounds. So if you are in the Tennessee area drop on by and show these guys some love. You can catch the trailer right here.

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