Scott Kosar to Script Bell Witch


Awhile back we mentioned that Reese Witherspoon was going to be throwing her hat into the genre with her new studio Type A. Its a smart move to make a horror film as your first project but at the same time it almost feels like they are just using the genre as a stepping stone to build up their studio's funds. At any rate they have just hired Scott Kosar (Amittyville Horror remake) to script Bell Witch.

The story follows a new mom (Witherspoon) so haunted by unexplained phenomena that she doubts her sanity. She fixates on the legend of the Bell Witch and becomes convinced that an evil spirit is out to harm her baby.

Apparently the movie has also went threw a bit of a title change. Her film was previous titled "Our Family Trouble". That title does sound more like a Reese Witherspoon type movie, I am assuming the name change came about to appeal more to the "horror crowd".

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