Beach Party on the Threshold of Hell : Plain Awesome!

Two of my favorite films of all time are Shaun of the Dead and Army of Darkness. To me it looks like Beach Party on the Threshold of Hell may very well be on that list soon! This movie looks simply put, fucking awesome. I encourage you to checkout the trailer which is our latest featured video: Watch Beach Party on the Threshold of Hell

The history of New America unfolds; the year is 2097 A.D. Two decades ago, the great nation of The United States fell forever. Now, the survivors must re-emerge from the ashes as the founding fathers of a brutal and bizarre new nation. And so, a new kind of political race begins.

We join Tex Kennedy, driven by the passionate objective to unite this battered nation, as he journeys to the deadly future capital of New America, notoriously known as the Threshold of Hell. Standing by Tex's side are his two robot companions and a fabled young woman known through legend as "Cannibal Sue". As Tex's epic journey progresses we learn how a young appointed king, his murderously jealous cousin, a giant sea snake, the great, great, great grandson of Fidel Castro, a powerful communication radio tower, and the spawn of Satan himself, all hold a vital presence in the New American mythology.

Through the strange adventures of Tex Kennedy, the humble and terrifying birth of New America began. The events of this fantastical dark comedy will create our early heroes, our early villains and shape the history of our new nation forever.

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