Day of the Dead Trailer Arrives


You know in the back of my mind I thought the Day of the Dead remake would be awful but at least it would be on a grand scale. You know good looking zombies and have some nice shiny effects. I don't know what happened but somehow they managed to take Ving Rhames and Mena Suvari and put them in a Sci Fi Original movie.

Now that I have prepared you for the worst you can check it out for yourself right here. According to the trailer they plan on releasing the film in April next year. Hopefully by that time the film will be a little more spit and shined but I'm not going to hold my breath.

In this remake of the George Romero classic, a group of scientists, military personnel and civilians find themselves battling for their lives against a plague of flesh eating ghouls. When a band of survivors seek shelter in an underground military bunker, they find themselves trapped with an even greater danger that lurks inside.

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