Cell Gets Tag Team Writers


I believe that almost everyone is very excited about the upcoming Stephen King adaptation Cell. It is probably one of his best books in a very long time and it is making its way onto the big screen. Not only that but Eli Roth is going to be behind all the zombie madness directing the picture.

The only question that has been looming over the project is who will write the script. According to AICN, the script will be tag teamed by writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. Apparently they did a "fantastic" job on the other Stephen King script 1408 that they were chosen to work on this one as well.

This comes as great news and hopefully they will be able to pull off the pure chaos the book depicts. Still no word on when the film will begin production but I'm sure its the next film up for Eli Roth after he finishes working on Hostel: Part II.

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