Night of The Living Dead 07 : Zombies Needed


We have been telling you guys about the new Night of the Living Dead movie for quite some time now. The filmmakers have contacted us to let us know they are in need of some Canadian zombies. So if your interested read on:

We are having an open casting call for zombies, we need as many zombies as we can handle for one night on Thursday November 9th, starting at 3 pm and going right until at least midnight. Please send an email with your full name, confirming that you will be there that night. This is a non-union shoot. We ask that you dress warmly as it will most likley be a little chilly outside. The location is:

Artel Banquet and Conference Centre
355 Elmira Road North. Unit 122
Guelph, Ontario.

There is no pay, but it is a lot of fun being a zombie!

Be sure to also check out the trailer for this flick Night of The Living Dead 07, Teaser Trailer which we posted up earlier in the week. Any questions or comments email them or hit our forums.

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