5 Elm Street Special Edition Winners


Time to pick the winners of our one of many on going contests. This go around we have chosen 5 winners for the NightMare on Elm Street Special Edition DVD. The horror classic that launched 6 sequels and made Freddy Krueger into a legendary character, A Nightmare on Elm Street has been remastered with all-new bonus features.

  • Available on DVD September 26
  • Newly remastered picture and sound
  • all-new special features, including
  • alternate endings,
  • filmmaker commentaries
  • and moreā€¦
  • Limited time special packaging
  • Wes Craven Interview

The 5 people who won worked really hard. All they had to do was be an ACTIVE member of our community. The 5 people chosen are

  • Skidog
  • vorwald2006
  • christeen69
  • MirthQuake
  • ichorus

The studio will be shipping you your winnings to you directly. Congratulations on winning, and remember to win you just have to be an active member of our community. Thanks to all of you who continue to spread the word about us and help to make this site the great fun that it is. We love rewarding you with prizes!

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