Fox Atomics Carnival of Lost Souls is Live


Today as many of you know is the holiday that we all love and cherish, Halloween. Yea its the one day of the year where all your friends crash at your house and drink all your beers because you have all the coolest horror flicks. Well today is also the Carnival of Lost Souls over at the Fox Atomic website.

They have all kinds of kick ass stuff going up at all times of the day. Did I also mention we are one of those kick ass features? Yup, at 4:30 today we have been chosen to be one of the select few featured websites. But we're not the only cool thing they got going on.

At all different times throughout the day they will be unlocking special clips, set photos, horror shorts, and tons more. So what are you waiting for? Head over there and check out some of their kick ass stuff.. but before you do that make sure you check out our exclusive set visit to 28 Weeks Later and The Hills Have Eyes 2.


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