The Host Remake is Upon Us


We have known for quite some time that a remake for Bong Joon-ho's The Host was coming. What we didn't know was what studio had won the bidding war that went on. It seemed for awhile that Gold Circle Films would walk away with the rights but I think the numbers got to big for them and they were forced to drop out.

Universal forked over a boatload of money for the remake rights to the film. No word on any directors or cast as of yet. But we are sure it will get a huge budget and probably star some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Hopefully they won't completely destroy the film and somehow mess up the perfect harmony of the family drama meets the monster.

I haven't had the pleasure of checking out the movie for myself yet but the original will be hitting theatres in the UK on Nov. 10th. For everyone in the states it will be playing a few choice dates that you can check out here. It will also be released on DVD in Hong Kong and Korea at the beginning and the end of December.

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