Bill O'Reilly Takes on Horror

Nicky J

So I hadn't done a 2 cents piece in awhile, since there's been nothing that's pissed me off to the point where I felt I had to toss my 2 cents worth into it. But on Halloween night, I visited our forum and noticed a post in one of the threads mentioning Bill O'Reilly not liking "Saw 3".   So I decided to tune in to "The O'Reilly Factor" at 11 pm on Tuesday night, and leave it to Bill to pick Halloween of all days, to lay verbal waste to numerous horror movies and the horror genre as a whole. O'Reilly went after the genre itself, along with some of 2006's heavy hitters at the box office like "The Hills Have Eyes", "Saw 3", "Texas chainsaw massacre:The Beginning", and "Hostel".     Now most of O'Reilly's audience...well those who like him anyway, are usually the types who despise Halloween to begin with because of it's pagan influences and how according to them it glorifies satan. So it's really clever for O'Reilly to have chosen Halloween to call those of us who contributed to "Saw 3" and "Hostel"'s box office sick, twisted, inhuman...basically every mean name in the book that would be reserved for a Charlie Manson or Ted Bundy. What a way to pander to his usual audience of "culture warriors".

So watching the entire segment...what did I learn? Well I learned first that Bill O'Reilly is out of touch with the times. For example, he claims that "Texas chainsaw Massacre:The Beginning" is sick because women are defiled in it and limbs are sawed off. Does he have any clue that "TCM:The Beginning" was a prequel spawned by one of the most disturbing horror films of all time, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" which came out way back in 1974?? Everyone who knows horror movies knows when you talk about the "TCM" series, the original is the most twisted out of them all.

But O'Reilly acts like "Texas chainsaw massacre:the beginning" is something new to the entire "oh hey where did this fucked up sick movie come from? I've got to warn the folks about this one". And only someone who hasn't seen the original "TCM" and has no clue what they're talking about when it comes to horror movies would criticize "TCM:the Beginning" as being too over the top. Maybe someone should send Bill a DVD of "Texas chainsaw massacre" (1974) and then see how "sick" and "inhuman" he thinks "Texas chainsaw massacre:the beginning" is.

Of course "Saw 3" felt the brunt of Bill's stern words as well. Especially because it was the number one movie in america last weekend and because if features people in torturous and abusive becoming number one is apparently a symbol that America is declining in values. Of course two experts were brought in to tell us the horror movie fans how we watch films like this because we crave the control that we don't have in our own lives, and how we love to see people harmed in new and unique ways. Not even mentioning that these people are actors, and when the cameras stop rolling, they wipe off the fake blood and all of the torture devices are nothing but props.

By the way...did anyone tell Bill that last weekend was Halloween weekend? And that it may have played a huge role in "Saw 3"'s big box office? Of course Bill didn't mention that because it would be the rational and fair thing to do. No he simply demonized us the horror movie fans as sick, sadistic, and dangerous to society. No really he the beginning of the show, he says that if we enjoy seeing movies like this, we should "find out" why..subtley stating that we need psychiatric society and others can be forewarned about our "evil ways". But amongst all of this bashing, there is one major positive that comes out of all of this.

It's that horror is definitely hot right now. While the recent FANGORIA/FUSE Chainsaw awards and Scream Awards have proven that, when the genre is getting bashed on a major news show like "The O'Reilly Factor"...that means we've finally arrived people. We've truly hit the big time. And that means that the guys in Hollywood that have been labeled "The Splat Pack" because of the gory horror flicks they've put out in the past few years, need to keep up the good work. While I am not a fan of movies that use gore for gore's sake, I am a fan of movies that can use gore along with brains ala the "Saw" movies, to create a very entertaining product. But to label a group of people as dangerous to society simply because of something they like that is within the limits of the law is just dumb. If that's the case, then maybe we should label Bill O' Reilly's premium members as "a danger to society". I personally think society has way more to fear from them than your average 18 year old male who's seen "Hostel" 3 times.

Note: Nicky J. does not write for our site this is a letter written in that he asked us to publish as news. Because of the depth and detail he put into the article we have decided to run it. His opinions are just that, his and dont reflect the site. You can watch the above mentioned segment that aired on Bill O'Reilly right here. Sound off: Post your comments here

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