New DarkPlace Trailer


Now I wasn't very impressed with a lot of what Death Tunnel had to offer but I could see a ton of talent in the Booth brothers. They both have a great cinematic eye and I think they have finally found the perfect project with Dark Place. Not long ago we gave you the exclusive first look at the film. Now they have just released a new trailer that was to be used at the AFM. Check it out below.

Matthew McGrory(Devil's Rejects and Big Fish)stars in his last, riveting, film performance as a hillbilly giant that terrorizes a small town along with the local insane preacher. Together they exorcise their ritual of DARK CLEANSING, by locking you up inside an ancient box for 5 days, forced to Face Your Demons. But when a 10 year old boy is locked inside, the untamed darkest thoughts of this hurt child sets loose an Inferno of evil.


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