Kirsten Dunst Comes Back to Horror


In 1994 Kirsten Dunst burst onto the scene with a vampire tale "Interview with the Vampire". This movie launched her career and like so may others we thought we would never see her again. However recently she requested to her agent to look for a new "Supernatural Thriller". Thats when they found the novel by A.N. Wilson "A Jealous Ghost".

Paramount Vantage bout the rights to the novel for Dunst to star in and produce. They also bagged Virginia-based screenwriter Megan Holley to adapt the story into a screenplay. Film 360 is also on board to help produce the project.

Holley's take detours from the book, which is written in third-person omniscient, dropping certain elements while creating new characters and story points. Dunst will play a young student that begins to date her professor. Upon doing so she begins to see demons.

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