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We have been talking about a new indie Night of the Living Dead Remake that has been in the works for a few weeks now and we brought you the teaser trailer, and now we have your first look at some zombie carnage.

We spoke to the director earlier in the month about this film and here is what he had to say

I want to head back to the roots of Night Of The Living Dead. Not a huge crew, little to no money to work with, shooting when you have time to. And in the end you get a pretty nitty gritty looking zombie film that was awesome! Don’t get me wrong I love the Savini remake, I really, really do. However, when news started popping up about Night of the living dead 3D…it was like a kick in the pants. Then I saw the trailer…and it was a glossy looking remake, didn’t look scary. It just looked all slicked and polished, and then the reviews came in saying it was rather laughable.

So naturally, this made me re-think why the original worked so well, which is what I mentioned above. And then I said, ah screw it, I’ll make my own remake…it’ll be with the classic Romero zombies, no runners. But just make it for cheap, keep it gritty, and in the end we’ll hopefully still have a really good zombie flick. It is not a 100% to dot remake of the original, because that would just be silly…it’s my interpretation of what the story could be like. However, there are numerous blatant references to the original, characters from the original are in it. We have Johnny and Barbara…however, it is a completely new take on the characters, in a good way I hope. There are the classic news and radio reports that everybody goes to seek the up to the minute advice. And believe it or not, there is some social commentary on our media today and the amount of fear that is fed to us through it.

In the end I think we are doing the film justice, we are pretty much just saying a big fat nice thank you to it for being made the way it was in the first place. When writing it, I was very aware of what would tick off fans of the Romero world, being that I am huge fan myself. So I personally think there is a pretty neat little remake being made here, and it will be worth checking out. I can’t tell you at this time what the plans are for when the movie is complete, as for if it will be available on DVD and all that, I have no idea at this time.

We love indie horror films here and wish them the best of luck on this project, stay tuned for updates because you can rest assured like everything else we will have them here for you. Thoughts, comments for the filmmaker? Post em here: New Night of the Living Dead Discussion

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