My Name is Bruce Going Theatrical!


Mark Verheiden (the writer of "My Name Is Bruce") recently spoke on his blog about a directors assembly that he saw recently of My Name is Bruce. For those of you who have no idea what the movie is about I'll give you a quick run down.

A small town is under attack by a slew of demons. So what do you do in that situation? You call Ash or the next best thing Bruce Campbell. The town thinks that Bruce IS Ash and he tries to convince them that it was all in the movies to no avail. As you can assume from there it goes down Army of Darkness style. Here is what Verheiden had to say about the rough cut.

"I've just seen Bruce Campbell's director's assembly of MY NAME IS BRUCE, and while this is obviously biased, I'll just say it -- there are some gut-bustingly funny scenes in this baby. If you're a fan of Bruce's, umm, more "manic" style in the EVIL DEAD movies, you're gonna be in hog heaven. There is one crazy take of Bruce simply trying to get a door unlocked that had me falling out of my chair... it's great to finally see the madness come together! Post production continues and we're still looking at a theatrical release for 2007, so keep watching your multiplex!".

So does this mean we will be getting a theatrical release soon? Hopefully so, we really need to see a Bruce Campbell film in a wide release. It has been WAY to long and its about time we get something great into wide release.

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