Trick 'r Treat Casting Begins


Trick 'r Treat as some of you may remember is the project that Bryan Singer is producing with his Bad Hat Harry Productions. Originally it was thought that Singer would be directing but that was all speculation. The actual director will be Michael Dougherty who presented the script to Singer. Dougherty has written several other scripts for Singer as well including X2 and Superman Returns.

Today it was announced that some more famialiar faces to Singer have signed on Brian Cox, Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker and Leslie Bibb. The story is set on Halloween night in a town where those who break the rules of the holiday do so at their own peril.

There is no set date when shooting will begin but it is said that Singer plans to be there the entire time. So this definetly sounds like its going to pack a powerful punch. I'm still not sold that this will be a straight horror film. I think it maybe a family affair, but only time will tell.

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