The Cellar Door Trailer


A new horror flick has just caught my eye and this one looks very reminiscent of The Hamiltons with a little Texas Chainsaw thrown in for good measure. Of course those are both great films so who is to say this one won't be? Check out the synopsis:

"Rudy, a strong-willed woman, awakens in a small wooden cell. Herman, a deranged serial killer who looks like your mother's accountant, slips some food into her cell. He collects women, keeping little mementos of them, like hair, urine, and blood.

For the next several weeks he keeps Rudy locked in her cell in the basement of his house. Everybody thinks she is dead; there is no hope of rescue. Herman tries to torment Rudy into loving him. Out of desperation, she begins to play along with his perverse notions of love. How far must she go to survive...?"

The films official website has a little bit more for you to chew on. A gallery and a rather extensive trailer that at first plays out like a clip. Keep it here for more on this film because I'll be keeping my eye on this film.

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