Wicked Little Things Trailer is Online!


Wicked Little Things may sound like a film that you have never heard of before. But you have and I bet bottom dollar you have been anxiously awaiting it. Wicked Little Things was originally titled Tobe Hoopers Zombies but Hooper ran into some scheduling problems and ended up dropping the film.

So J.S. Cardone stepped up to the plate to direct the film. He took over a script that was written by two big names in the genre Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch. They have written and are working on some big scripts including Dario Argento's The Mother of Tears and The Toolbox Murders redux.

Wicked Little Things follows recently widowed Karen Tunny and her two daughters, Sarah and Emma. They move to a remote mountain home which Karen has inherited from the family of her late husband. However, she is unaware that the home is situated near an old mine, the site of an early 20th century tragedy in which many children were buried alive. Which can only mean one thing.. zombies!

Now the film will be making its big premeire as part of the After Dark Horrorfest on November 19th. The trailer is looking pretty good and apparently it just appeared on the website. Check it out right here.

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