The Attic Trailer has Arrived


I have always loved Pet Semetary and to this day the movie always gives me a feel of dread. So that is why whenever I hear Mary Lambert is working on another film I tend to listen. Even though her last film Bloody Mary: Urban Legends 3 wasn't that great, I am always willing to give her another shot.

The Attic looks to be a very interesting film about a families deep dark past that is steeped in evil. The trailer shows several references to witchcraft and satanism. Some pretty crazy and wacked out stuff to say the least. Apparently the family has done something to a young girls twin sister but she is not sure what. Now she must unravel the secret before something else gets to her first.

No word yet on when the film will be released but I'm guessing it will probably be another straight to DVD deal. You can check out the trailer by heading over here.

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