New Gory Look at Barricade


To say I am excited to see Barricade would be a vast understatement especially after seeing the newest trailer. They have just completed editing the film and to celebrate they have cut a brand new trailer that I must say is pretty kick ass. It begins with a nice stroll in the woods and ends with some pretty graphic gore.

Some more good news coming from the folks over at the Barricade camp is that they have nailed down a DVD release date. That fine date will be Febuary 23rd, 2007. Yes thats a Friday but they are planning the release alongside a special appearance they will be making at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in Chicago.

For more info on the DVD launch details and to give them a shout out check'em out on MySpace. Below is fantastic cut of the trailer I've been babbling about. Enjoy!


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