Ronald Moore Writing The Thing Prequel

The Thing - Collector's EditionRonald Moore has been tapped to take on the Thing remake which is being developed by Universal and Stike Entertainment according to our compadres at FilmStalker. The Thing is an awesome movie and I really am stoked for a prequel. Could it really be possible? Well if Strike Entertainment get everything going their way we may see one very soon. Strike Entertainment is the group behind the rather successful Dawn of the Dead remake and the fantastic James Gunn film Slither. So they definitely know what they are doing. The Thing will be a prequel we are told based before the original classic film starring Kurt Russell.

We have seen several attempts at reviving John Carpenter's The Thing go down the tubes. At one point there was a proposed idea to remake the film again, then they were going to go back to the original short story and make that film, but of course probably the worst attempt was the possible Sci Fi original movie idea.

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