Land of the Dead well on track

According to a visitor of Ain't It Cool News who had the opportunity to speak with George A. Romero at Flashback Weekend in Chicago, Land of the Dead seems to be well on it's way to begin filming.

 He said that he currently has three projects on his plate: Land of the Dead, Diamond Dead, and the Stephen King novel Tom Gordon. He says that Land of the Dead has financial backing and a script, so Land of the Dead will be the first picture he works on and I believe he said he will begin filming by the end of the year.

Hopefully this report is true as this zombie fan is chomping at the bit for some true Romero zombie action!  George also revealed an interesting fact about the script for Land of the Dead.

One other interesting note is that he finished the script to Land of the Dead, one week before 9/11, but no studio wanted anything to do with it, he has gone back and polished the script to better match the themes in today’s society than the pre-war society of 3 years ago.  

With any luck this shouldn't change the zombie action that we all know and love.  I'm hoping George didn't have the change the script that much as he is the original zombie freak and will (hopefully) always remember his roots!

Source: Ain't It Cool News

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