Win Pulse on DVD


Today we have another contest for you guys! I haven't seen this movie yet so I'm not sure what to expect but hey if its free, it doesn't hurt to enter. Dimension has given us a copy of Pulse to giveaway to one of you guys.

All you gotta do to enter is e-mail us your name and your mailing address. Thats it and if you win you can rub it into everyones face that you got your digits on a copy for free. For everyone else they will have to dredge on over to some DVD store and pick it up when it hits shelves on December 5th.

Imagine if our wireless technologies made a connection to a world beyond our own. Imagine if that world used the technology as a doorway into ours. Now, imagine if that connection can’t be shut down. When you turn on your cell phone or log on to your e-mail, they’ll get in. You’ll be infected and they’ll take from you what they don’t have anymore – life.

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