Master of Horror Pro-Life Tomorrow on Showtime


If any of you have been following the Masters of Horror series on television, you are obviously aware of the great caliber to which the show has allotted so far; and this week it’s no different.

This weeks episode entitled PRO LIFE was written by Drew McWeeny and directed by the legendary horror director John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing).

The episode follow a young woman named Angelique (Caitlin Wachs) who has a near-death accident on an isolated mountain road. Fortunately for her, a nearby women’s health clinic takes her in. Unfortunately for the health clinic, however, Angeliques father (played by Hellboy star Ron Perlman) is a strict anit-abortionist, along with his well armed sons. Perlman attempts to “liberate” Angelique from the clinic that refuses to let her go, and all the while Angelique is forced to battle the demon seed that is growing within her.

This will be Carpenter’s second Masters of Horror episode, directing the ever terrifying CIGARETTE BURNS from the first season. With an enormous flrm catalogue of macabre behind him, Carpenter’s episode should certainly be interesting. The episode will air this Friday, November 24th, at 10pm ET on Showtime. So tune in, and enjoy!

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