TCM Underground: The Sadist (1963)


TCM Underground has done it again, this week showing the 1963 classic THE SADIST.
This film is in the great drive-in tradition, following a couple of All-American friends, school teachers to be more specific, trying to reach a baseball game. Their car breaks down at the side of the road and the three head to a nearby gas station, which happens to be deserted.It’s here they meet a psychotic killer named Charley Tibbs, and his equally crazy girlfriend Judy Bradshaw. The couple torments the three at gun point, until Charlie executes one for Judy’s pleasure. He continues to toy with the other two until…

We’ll that’s all I’m going to give you for now. But believe, it should be all you need. Considered to be one of the most psychotic figures on film, the laughing from this deranged James Dean character alone will make you develop your own hate or possibly love for the character. A film so filled with subtle nuances to behave and conform more than THE SADIST would be hard pressed to find. If you like what you hear so far about this flick, make sure to tune into TCM Underground November 24th. To find where it’s playing in your neck of the woods click here

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