Day of the Dead Contagium Fantasia Trailer

The 10 minute trailer for Day of the Dead Contagium that everyone has been talking about and wanting to see is now available. This morning I got this email from the official sites webmaster.

the new preview released at the Fantasia film festival last week is now availble to view on the TRAILERS  link on the main page , unfortunately, I've not been able to complete the smaller files yet, so it will be a very difficult time for the dial up users, my apologies ,

I'm working hard to accomodate you and will release 5 smaller files to total the complete preview over the next few days , hopefully all will be able to see and enjoy it.

To watch the trailer go to and click on the "trailers" link and then the Fantastia link. Be sure to share your views about this on our boards.

We are currently discussing this Fantasia Trailer for Contagium right here

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