Get Ready For: Desolation


Today I was notified of this new indie movie that has decided to jump head first into the indie horror genre with Desolation. The director, Krist Rufty is no newbie to the game though having been involved in The Deadening and Cutting Room. In front of the camera is a guy that was involved with one of the best indie zombie flicks I've seen Trent Haaga (Stink of Flesh). He is also joined by Vanelle, Ian King, and Adam Minarovich.

Desolation begins when Robert Carlowe takes a trip with his family out on an idealic getaway to reconnect with his loved ones after a tragic accident. Soon out of the dark comes a man from his past who plans on making this family suffer for Roberts mistakes. Soon Robert must face his demons in order to save his family.

The official myspace page has a nice teaser trailer on it that runs an astounding 5 minutes. So if you want to get a good idea of what this film is about you can check out their official myspace for that. Below is the kick ass poster art for the picture.

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