Barricade is Coming to DVD


I have been following very closely what the gore crazed guys over at Barricade have been doing and so far everything is looking fantastic. I'm telling you Europe is coming threw in a big way this year. Timo Rose has been promising the goods on this one and I think he is going to deliver.

The story begins when a couple of friends take a trip to Germany to let off some steam. They decide it would be great fun to go into the Black Forest on a camping trip. Once inside the forest they discover a clan of blood thirsty ghouls that don't take kindly to strangers. As usual bodies begin to pile up as the survivors try to figure a way out.

The DVD will be released on February 23rd, 2007 but they have just started pre-orders over at the distributors site. If you pre-order early you get the special edition DVD with a signed photo from the star of the film Joe Zaso. Personally I'd rather get a signed photo of the sexy cast-mate Raine Brown with mine. But thats a different story...

The DVD itself will contain a commentary by Joe Zaso and Raine Brown, exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, making-of documentary, and of course some trailers. So if your looking to get your hands on a copy you can pre-order it now right here.

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