Poltergeist Remake Rumor Squashed?

David who runs one of the biggest Poltergeist sites did some investigating on the newly rumored Poltergeist remake. David contacted a source who worked on the original film as well as a contact at MGM for confirmation of the story. Here is a direct quote of the response to whether there is a Poltergeist Remake in the works.  
"there is NO truth to this...it is all bullshit..." 
So what next? Well David then contacted MGM/SONY to get their take on the new movie that is being made and their response was quote :  
"it's possible, and it has been discussed before,
but heard nothing about it lately".
So really what we got here is a 100% denial from the original filmmakers, and a wishy washy answer from MGM that only confirms that nothing lately has been discussed about the film. As always take it with a grain of salt, as with any rumors.  Thanks to David for the heads up
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