Necro-Nesia Trailer for the Wii Online


While all the other systems are bragging about how much graphical power they can pump out, Wii is looking more at how the game is put together. Worried more about the quality of the game rather than how nice and shiny it looks. Nintendo has also been accused of being to kid friendly so they have got their own survival horror game, Necro-Nesia.

Not much is known about the game except that you are in one fucked up world with giant bugs and armed with not much other than a flash light and a stick. Apparently the game will be taking advantage of the "wii-mote" and using a lot of swinging motions.

The designer Tiger have unleashed a teaser trailer for the game on its Japanese website. While the graphics don't impress me, I am interested in how they will use the next generation controller for the Wii. This is one to keep your eye on folks. Right now the game is set to launch in Japan tomorrow. So far it is still TBA in the U.S.

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