Bob Clark and Remakes


Today an article was published in Variety discussing Bob Clarks films and how much of an impact they made. Even mentioning the fact that Porkys was Canada's highest grossing film but was just recently topped. Of course Bob Clarks best films in my mind were always his horror films.

As most of you know Glen Morgan is helming the Black Christmas remake that will coming out in a couple weeks. Variety also revealed that his next film that is up for the remake treatment is "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things". Filming for the movie is said to begin next spring in Vancouver. Also up for a redux is his anti-Vietnam War movie "Deathdream". That will also lense sometime next year as well.

I guess the most disturbing of this news is that Bob Clark is simply giving in to the remakes and he is doing it for the money. Here is his exact quote from Variety, "there's a trend to remake horror movies and they've done pretty well (at the box office)." OK, I may be coming down on him hard. Maybe he just doesn't want anyone else to get the rights and hack them up..

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