Open Water in Indiananpolis


I was not a real fan of Open Water. To me it seemed like the whole movie could have been shot in a pool somewhere with a bunch of stock footage thrown in. But the movie did make some waves costing only $120,000 to make and bringing in nearly $58.7 million. So I'm not going to argue with those numbers and neither is Warner Brothers.

According to Variety, Warener Bros. is picking up director Chris Kentis and producer Lauara Lau from Open Water to work on Indiananpolis. It is the story of what happened when the U.S. sub Indiananpolis was sunk during WWII by another Japanese sub. The U.S. where in the process of delivering materials to help build the Nuclear bomb that would later be used on Hiroshima. Only 317 men were rescued out of an estimated 900 from the shark infested waters.

So is this just another way to make a sequel to Open Water? Not according to Kentis, "Indianapolis will be fleshed out with backstory on why the ship's distress signal went unheeded, how the survivors were spotted accidentally and how the military made a scapegoat of McVay, who eventually died from a self-inflicted gunshot."

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